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Astrology of Friday, June 5: Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse today

Today is an eventful day, ushering in a full moon at 15 degrees Sagittarius AND a lunar eclipse. The first of three eclipses in June/July is happening today. The results may not be felt immediately. For those with planets at mid-degrees in the mutable signs of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo, these eclipses will be in effect until the next set of eclipses in November/December, 2020. The eclipses will have a more powerful effect if they touch on something in your personal chart.

Eclipses may shift us into new directions or expose cracks in the wall that we have papered over and ignored. In a broad sense, the Mars in Cancer trine Mars conjunct Nessu in Pisces indicate it may be time for old injustices to be talked about and acted upon.

The moon phase, the four planets that are retrograde - all indicate it is a good time to go within and meditate, review, revise and edit past actions so that we can shift if necessary to a new response. Most of us would agree that the past is not perfect and that we can continue to do better.

Interestingly, this lunar eclipse echoes the placement of the Nodes of the Moon - from south node in Sagittarius to north node in Gemini. Right now, we are asked to review how our past philosophies can be improved. Gemini rules the lungs, too, so much of our philosophy dictates how we respond to the lung debilitating pandemic.

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