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Astrology of Saturday, June 6

There is a strong desire to channel new thoughts, revolutionary thoughts (Uranus in Taurus) and make them articulate (Mercury in Cancer) and actionable (Mars in Pisces). These impulses stem from a great desire to transform the institutions of power (Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn). Every day, for 11 days straight, we have seen people (the Moon in Mundane astrology, currently in principled Sagittarian territory) spontaneously demanding a new response from their leadership - and that institutionalized racism end.

Pluto/Jupiter is involved here. Pluto can be brutal, and rules the police - that is its shadow expression. And the presence of Jupiter makes this brutal response, not the only response possible, for sure, one that comes from the very top levels of government and a big, widespread response. This is a choice. Some policemen, even departments, have chosen a more humane expression.

Meanwhile, the opposite camp is pushing back, hard. Uranus in Taurus is square Pluto in Capricorn, meaning that this revolution is fraught with challenges and friction with the authorities. The Sun conjunct Venus - leadership encourages closeness, literally (rearranging the media's seats so that social distancing was not possible), and this is square to Neptune in Pisces, a sign associated, I believe, with isolation, the pandemic and acting as a spiritual warrior. Leadership is not in favor of isolation, so we see Neptune's deceptive face as lies are spewed from the very top. Just yesterday, the President claimed George Floyd must be looking down happily at the response his death has generated. Huh? Illusion/delusion.

And the people are not isolating, either, feeling that the moment is now to protest this latest, horrific and highly visible death. They may wear masks, but physically they are close together. Spontaneous, largely peaceful (on the protestors' part) demonstrations have erupted in more than 430 cities and towns - not just the big cities. All over the country. What effect this will have on the pandemic is yet to be seen. Mercury goes retrograde in a couple of weeks, just as Venus goes direct. Will we see a return to earlier conditions? We get to find out.

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