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Astrology of Sunday, June 7

Logic and emotion occupy opposite sides of the spectrum today. Moon in Capricorn opposite Mercury in Cancer. There is a strong possibility that old habits and/or family patterns generate strong emotions and knee jerk reactions - not thought through, but felt through. At the same time, if you can differentiate your emotions and emotional patterns from your ability to think and reason, logic has the upper hand. Or you can have a deep, emotional soul searching conversation. There is always more than one way to express the planets.

Whether logic or reason has the upper hand, you are likely to act even though the planet of action - Mars in Pisces, is perilously near the planet of illusion/delusion Neptune. You may take action, but not see the reason for acting clearly, and your actions are mis-timed or misplaced.

There is a strong desire to socialize with friends or family and to contravene the things that have flattened the curve on the pandemic - distancing, isolating. After all, people are social creatures and a person can only endure being without friends and family so long. That does not mean there may not be consequences, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

The Moon is about to highlight the planets that have roiled things up so much this year - Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. Decide how you will react. If you are firing from the hip, you may be confused about your goal.

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