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Astrology of Monday, June 8

It's day to talk the talk and walk the walk as Mercury in Cancer sextiles revolutionary Uranus in Taurus - revolutionary and practical. There is a palpable tension as Uranus in Taurus squares the old way of doing things symbolized by Saturn in Aquarius. There is a clash, again, between the demands of the. new and the structure of old authorities - Republican or Democrat, neither side demonstrates the soaring leap of imagination that is required to meet the new demands of society.

Today bears the stamp of the union of Mars and Neptune in the sign of Pisces - spiritual warriors at best, and deluded and confused actions at the other end of the spectrum. Spirituality and being clear about your values and identity will help you navigate the confusion and misinformation that exists.

In the US chart, we see that Mercury in Cancer is representative of the media and the attack on journalistic rights in the current protests.

Finding an answer that ends the systemic injustice of racism demands a big imagination. Nothing less than a radical, revolutionary answer will do. On John Oliver last night, a black woman said the social contract between black and whites in America was broken when the whites started killing them - in cars, in their houses, anywhere. She said that whites were lucky that blacks were looking for equality and not revenge. True words, that. And we are looking at a demographic change where whites become a minority in the next decade. Is it any wonder that some white forces are clinging with white knuckled intensity to their privilege? Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn - the old institutions of power must change.

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