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Astrology of Wednesday, June 10

Affairs progress a little more smoothly than in the recent past. The sky is full of harmonious trines and industrious, productive sextiles. Retrograde Venus in Gemini looks at the old norms, Saturn in Aquarius, and is brimming with ideas (both are in air signs) on how to bring these norms up to date. Funding is more likely now as Venus has a financial face, as well as a more relationship oriented side.

The major lights in the sky,, Sun in Gemini and Moon in Aquarius, are getting along fabulously in air signs, too, so logic and the heart are on the same page. Men are often signified by the Sun and women by the Moon, so harmony is implied between them, too.

Mars is in the spiritual sign of Pisces, united with Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is a planet of extremes, signifying the saint or the sinner. A good expression of this united energy would be a spiritual warrior. A lower expression would block the spiritual aspect of the union through giving in to one's inner demons - alcohol, drugs, over-work or some other addictive behavior.

The combination of Mars/Neptune is in harmony with Mercury in Cancer - at its highest expression, an ability to communicate one's spiritual issues and stand up for them. A negative expression is dithering about, chattering away while burying the real issues with an avalanche of words, or worse, confusion, deception and lying. This being a world of billions of souls under one sky, we will see varying means of expressing these energies.

The Sun is moving steadily toward a union with the north node - our karma, our destiny. It is a time when spiritual reckonings can be addressed and resolved. A good day to take the high road.

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