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Astrology of Monday, June 15

A question to start off today: Where have you felt left out? How have you felt that opportunities have passed you by - unfairly - and what would you like to change to prevent that from happening again? The Moon in Aries is sandwiched between two asteroids - black Lilith, an independent minded person and Eris, the goddess of Discord, challenging the traditional authorities.

Mercury in Cancer is adding its' opposition to the assumptions of power and authority that are so irksome to the Moon/Lilith/Eris combination described above.

People, and you in particular, will not remain silent or action-less in the face of injustice. Mercury in Cancer is trining Mars in Pisces. Saying and doing are closely aligned, and the emphasis is on the bigger picture, more compassion and more care for others.

Sun in Gemini nears the karmic north node, also in Cancer. There is something fated, karmic, spiritual about this moment in time. It is going to cause adjustment to the existing power structure, Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn. The time is now.

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