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Astrology of June 18

Voices are raised, actions are taken that are polar opposites of the views of those currently in power...this may be in your home, with your parents or in the world at large. Mercury in Cancer (the caring voice of the poorly represented) vs. Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn (the old voice of authority). It doesn't take much of a leap to see how this applies to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mars in Pisces is fused with the metaphysical energy of Neptune in Pisces, fueling those spiritual warriors that are not asking for revenge, but their own fair share. In fact, you don't have to be an underdog; there are people who will stand up for underdogs out of their own principles and compassion. Indeed, you see a lot of white people doing their own soul searching work.

There is a revolution going on - but it is more in the realm of ideas. New ideas are among the most radical factors there are. Once an idea becomes thought, and new possibilities enter our mind - change is possible. It happened during the American revolution - the idea that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was possible for people, not just rulers. Sure, the idea was not executed well, and there is much to be done. But the first step is believing some different ideas are going to work - at home, with parental figures, in the world at large.

A new idea is surfacing. Reaching past the shade, we can root out racism that has haunted our country since its inception in slavery and indentured servants.

Again, there is a spiritual and philosophic component here - a sense of fate, that now is the moment. The Sun in Gemini is fast approaching the karmic North Node in Gemini. Time to stand up. When the facts oppose existing philosophy, the facts are fated to be more important. Does this argue success for the fact finders - from journalists to individuals - I don't think so. People can elect not to act in a particular moment. We have free will. But the opportunity is there. it may take some effort, but the time is now to speak truth to power.

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