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Astrology of Friday, June 19

The Sun is in the sign Gemini today. Your personal energy level is high, with Sun in Gemini square Mars in Pisces. You can get a lot done with that energy today. If you aren't feeling the get up and go, you may have sublimated the energy that is rightfully yours. If you meet hasty, angry and impatient people, it may be a reflection that you are letting them carry too much of what is rightfully your energy.

The Sun is very close to the karmic North Node in Gemini, so you may feel there is a sense of fate about today - now or never, you may think. With Mars in Pisces, and the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, in retrograde, make sure you are engaging with something in a real way, not tilting at windmills.

In the bigger picture, you are undergoing a test that what happened about 6 months ago is valid - can you defend your position? With all these planets in retrograde, it is a good time to go within and check it out - do you still feel you are solid?

What is going on inside you is also happening in the world at large, so we may see anger directed at journalists (Mercury rules Gemini, the sign of journalists) from those in a position of power.

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