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Astrology of Monday, June 22

Mercury in Cancer is opposing Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn, lending an emotional, perhaps obsessive note to your communication. Cancer loves to care for others like a mama with a brood of hungry chicks; Capricorn is a more austere elder. Fold in Mercury, and you have truth being spoken to power - or at least a "truth" that is opposed to the current authorities. Now the Moon has come along in the sign of Cancer to fuse with Mercury in opposing Pluto/ Jupiter in Capricorn. The Moon ups the ante on intensity and on being run by an unconscious program or habit. Feelings run high during a Cancer moon, anyway; Pluto/Jupiter may make the feelings so strong that it is impossible, for a few hours at least, to see beyond your feelings.

You may attract anger or intense confrontation with another over an old "sore spot". If so, look carefully at the situation. Are you indirectly causing it? Are you being logical?

Looking back at any episodes that erupts is beneficial - if nothing else, it tells you how you feel. It identifies hot spots, Why are they hot spots?

Under this influence, you can make adjustments to your ideas - and that is all part of composing our identity.

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