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Astrology of Tuesday, June 23

Today, the Moon is in Leo, opposing new ideas and new traditions (Saturn in Aquarius and the asteroid Pallas Athene in Aquarius) and creating emotional friction with changes that take us out of our comfort zone (Uranus in Taurus). That can manifest in big or little ways - being forced out of our usual lane of being to worrying about climate change. Some will choose to stamp their feet, plant arms on hips and say, belligerently, why can't things be as they were? Comfort and romance suffer from new and disturbing ideas.

This feelings generated by the Moon are reinforced by retrograde Mercury in Cancer and Venus in Gemini.

Venus in Gemini has been retrograde since the middle of May, forcing us to review and re-evaluate our relationships - with people, with values and with money, too. We've seen some momentum toward turning away from self isolation. The past looked inviting - entering our comfort zones did, too. But the veery presence of things longed for has help us to re-evaluate our need for them. Are they relevant to us at this moment in time? The good news is that Venus is going direct on Thursday, June 25.

Old loves can return during Venus retrograde as our focus looks toward the past, but they often leave when Venus goes direct; HOWEVER, we are not done with the past quite yet. For one thing, Venus has not yet left her shadow - the point at which she went retrograde at 21 degrees Gemini. Venus will not get there until July 29. So don't count your chickens before they are hatched. For another, Mercury is retrograde until July 12 and won't leave its shadow until July 27.

Venus also rules things that are aesthetically pleasing, so hair cuts (which we all need) and other beautification schemes often give us wretched results. Mercury retrograde adds to that situation. On the other hand, Venus retrograde is creativity turned inward, too, so a book or piece of art is a great project. Just don't publish or display until Venus has gone direct and left her shadow and Mercury is not retrograde. About the end of July.

Today, you may enjoy your own cocoon and wish to stay there. If forced out of your comfort zone, you may have an angry reaction or meet one.

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