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Astrology of Thursday, June 25

This is a significant day. Venus in Gemini is going direct today and leaving her period of retrograde motion behind. If an old lover or someone showed up recently, they may depart as suddenly as they appeared. That is okay, whether it feels okay or not. The Universe has invited you, during Venus retrograde, to review what makes you feel secure and cared for. Has the returning lover measured up? Their function may simply be to remind you that your needs have evolved.

We are not quite out of the woods yet, though. Venus has to get past the point she originally went retrograde at 21 degrees Gemini. That won't happen until July 29. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are also moving backward, so the period of reviewing the past is not completely over.

Venus squares the moon for a few hours today, and I think there will be conflict between the desire to socialize and a need for greater isolation. There is a finger of God aspect today that indicates a period of adjustment between our actions and our support for traditional authority. In addition to the finger of god aspect, there is an eerie sense of deja vu - we have been there before.

In view of the rapid growth of new COVID 19 cases, the trigger point of the finger of God aspect at 29 Aquarius indicates a need to think for oneself and have compassion for the rest of humanity. To limit the transmission of the disease through measures that science says work - social distancing and wearing masks and staying in where possible (North Node of the Moon at 29 Gemini, in trine to the trigger point at 29 Aquarius). The North Node in Gemini may indicate a need for more proven science in the future.

This is reinforced by Neptune turning retrograde in Pisces. Neptune has to do with energy and viruses. It also has to do with isolation. The fact that it is separating from the more extraverted energy of Mars at 28 degrees Pisces, and is retrograde at the same time, turns its action inward, not outward. It is going over old ground, so many will choose to repeat the actions of this spring.

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