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Astrology of Saturday, June 27

Today we walk a threshold between the old and new. And we have an opportunity, with today's energy, to strike the correct balance between old and new. Our collective karma has ripened, with Mars in Pisces at 29 degrees, Moon opposite in late degrees of Virgo and the karmic nodes of the moon - the breath of a generation at south node in Sagittarius and the North Node in inquisitive and rational Gemini. Great power exists in this configuration. It asks us to absorb our feelings, our ability to nurture and act accordingly so that we can move into the Gemini NorthNode - curiosity that can upset the hidebound status quo, introducing new ideas into our consciousness.

At the same time, an aspect of great harmony, a trine forms a triangle between Venus in Gemini, Moon (late degrees of Virgo, crossing into Libra in a few hours) and Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn, doing what we must do for the sake of humanity (Aquarius). It shows our ability to care for others in real and tangible ways. We are challenged toput our ego aside, honor the past, and move forward into building new structures, based on new ideas, for the future.

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