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Astrology of Monday, June 29

What are you loyal to even if it is no longer in your best interest? How does your sense of loyalty and steadfastness (Vesta in Cancer) need to be updated in light of current circumstances? How can we be more authentically loyal, not just reacting out of habit to the current, environment (Vesta in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus). Being loyal just for the sake of "I used to be loyal to these things in the past" is not enough.

We are all in the process of defining who we are - what we value, and how we then act. (Vesta/Mercury/Sun in Cancer square Mars/Chiron in Aries). We are no longer who we were. The past is the past.

Moon in Libra squares the triple conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn - the old norms are not working. Authority itself must shift, because the Moon in Libra says "This isn't fair! Abuses of power are called out. Eris, an asteroid whose myth is being angry at not being included by the powerful - also cries "not fair" and calls out abuses of power.

This is true for individuals and institutions - we all live under one sky. Their are enough planets involved that almost everyone will have a personal connection to these questions:

Who have I become?

What do I want to be?

How do I behave?

What is fair?

Should everyone be represented as important?

What is my personal authority?

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