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Astrology of Monday, July 6

Look where you have been before you chart a new course. In other words, look before you leap, and don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. The universe, with so many planets in backward (retrograde) motion (Mercury in Cancer; Neptune in Pisces and Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto), and on a waning moon cycle, is inviting us to look within and do some self examination. This will be an extended period of introspection, because although Mercury will be direct this month, Chiron in Aries begins its backward look this. Uranus in Taurus goes backward next month and Mars in Aries goes backward in September.

What have we learned from the past, and where must we take a new leap of faith? We cannot thoughtlessly repeat the past or we will reap the mistakes of the past.

Is it any wonder we are in a Presidential election year that features two nominees of a certain, shall we say, vintage?!

Anyway, we can all benefit from looking back to where we have been before rising to the challenge this year brings. A pandemic, a lockdown, a bad economy - many of us are feeling great stress and pain. But before moving forward to find solutions, we are well advised to learn from the past, if only to contrast who we were back in the day with who we have become.

Chiron is in Aries. It will be there a while. Aries is associated with identity formation. Chiron is an asteroid about wounding and healing. What has hurt us in the past, and how would we change it? Our situation did not begin overnight. It took a lot of steps to get here. Thoughtlessly tearing down the systems that formed us can leave us with regrets. Better to learn from the past, but be willing to act differently - not stuck in the past, but having learned from it.

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