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Astrology of July 11

So you hoped to catch a little shut eye and marinate in your dreams a little longer today...and woke up to reality staring you in the face. Often, the expectations of others woke us up and called on us to get up and shoulder our responsibilities. Or maybe you played the part of someone getting on with it early...either way, there is a balancing act going on today.

Within the next 24 hours, a lot is happening. The sensitive, reactive Moon is going to pass over Mars, the God of War, as well as Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and finish up joining forces with Lilith, a bad ass asteroid that likes to do things her way. My guess is that old assumptions about what is aggression and what is assertion is will be challenged. How has this messed with our perception of reality so that we cannot clearly see what other need or what we need ourselves. We have to bring these assumptions up to our conscious awareness. Do they make sense? Do they need to be revised? In the end, only we can decide who we are, how we can nurture ourselves and others, and how we will behave,

Tomorrow, Mercury will stop dead in its tracks before reversing its motion from retrograde to direct motion. Our thinking will be less convoluted, we can act upon things we have been thinking about, but we aren't out of the woods yet! Mercury has not passed through its shadow to get to where it went retrograde, or backwards, in the first place at 14 degrees Cancer. So we are not fully out of the retrograde until July 27. If you can wait on a major purchase or signing a contract til then, do so.

Venus is still in the shadow of her own retrograde until July 29, so even though she is now in direct motion, she hasn't passed the place where she went retrograde at 21 degrees Gemini. Beauty projects, like haircuts or perms, can take a bad turn here.

And there is more, as soon as Mercury begins to resume direct motion, Chiron goes retrograde. Chiron shows us where we have a skew in our thinking. To heal ourselves and others, we must get that kink in our perception straightened out.

Watch the news and remember that everything going on outside you is symbolic of what is going on inside you.

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