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Cosmic Weather: A Personal Explanation

So much has been happening this year...a pandemic, a shutdown, election year nerves! It is an interesting time to be alive. That is an old Chinese curse, by the way, to live in interesting times. And we sure are. Unprecedented times.

Not surprisingly, there is a whole lot going on in the heavens right now. As above, so below is an old adage that works. There are signs that an unmistakable shift is happening. How does that impact your chart, your personal roadmap?

The stars don't compel us to act a certain way, but they do inform. As a Jesuit priest once said to me with a shrug, If the stars have information, who are we not to read them? Seeing how your personal chart interacts with the planets in the heavens now gives us conscious choices in how we use the energy. When energy is unconscious, it is hard to direct - we are just reacting to feeling and habit.

For a personal, contactless reading, please contact me at this site. Charges are $25 per each 15 minutes. You choose when and how long. (I usually recommend a half hour or an hour, but you can choose what best fits your time and budget.) I will also do private or group lessons to learn astrology - learning the basic "language" of astrology so you can forsee shifts in energy in your life and how to handle those shifts most productively. That is $20 per hour.

Be well, stay safe!

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