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Astrology of Tuesday, July14

Can you feel it? The high voltage energy of the planet Uranus is zapping the Moon in her journey through Taurus. Normally a place of safety and security for the moon in her travels, Taurus is out of its

comfort zone, seeking practical solutions for humanity...and for the planet, too.

I had trouble sleeping last night. I was tired, but not sleepy. The energy was running so fast, it was hard to quiet the humming in my chest enough to descend into oblivion.

Speaking of oblivion, Sun in Cancer is directly opposite Pluto, God of the Underworld, joined by Jupiter, an expansive energy, and Saturn, the limits of reality. There is a clear sense that we are running out of time (Saturn) and now is the time to turn and face the shadow (Pluto) of the United States.

All men (and women) were not created equal - what systems support the view of the white male over all others? Blacks have been suppressed for years; women were not even granted the right to vote until the last century - you get the picture. Neither Blacks or women could get the loans available to white men. They were effectively locked out of gaining wealth - practical stuff - very Taurusy. Jupiter makes the whole situation bigger and more in your face. To top it off, the dwarf planet Eris, the uninvited, jealous and competitive sister is blocking the way forward. All the retrograde planets invite a look into the past, and Eris is saying "Time is up - deal with me."

On a personal level, too, we may be asked to give up or transform a powerful figure in our life whose presence no longer serves us. Change is painful, but like a snake shedding the old skin, we must molt occasionally, to grow with the times.

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