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Astrology of Wednesday, July 15

Listen and understand before acting. (Mercury in Cancer harmonizes with Moon in Taurus; Mercury in Cancer is challenged by Mars in Aries). Look before you leap. Don't through the baby out with the bathwater - all those good old adages apply. You can act, but make sure you know what you are getting into....Fools leap where wise men fear to tread. That is another useful adage.

I've written before how the times naturally call for reflection and revision. (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune are all in backward motion. The Moon is in a waning phase. Mercury and Venus have not yet emerged into new territory after being retrograde). It is such a fruitful time to examine the shadow of our actions closely ...what would we do differently? Is there another approach we could have used? Are we happy with the practices of the past? There is a lot of creativity to be claimed in embracing a new path.

Take time to meditate, pay attention to your dreams. Above all, give yourself the time you need to process new information. (Sun in Cancer in harmony with Neptune in Pisces). Our heart (Moon in Taurus) is a solid rock we can build on - with love.

Where do we need to cut our losses and do something fresh? What is outmoded in our notions of tradition and authority? It's like a landslide over a narrow mountain path - we can't go back the way we came, so how do we move forward? (Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter in Capricorn) This evaluation phase lasts right through most of the fall and culminates in a new cycle with Saturn and Jupiter meeting in Aquarius - two societal planets. Time in mid December to rebuild.

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