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Astrology of Friday, July 17

The sun is in the sensitive and security loving sign of Cancer. The Sun in Cancer still stands in opposition to Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn. The forces opposing the sun make the sun feel small by comparison - there are a of powers out there bigger than we are. There is also a sense that institutions of power are not helping individuals (no duh!), and the Sun can see clearly that things serving its best interests are not even on the menu of the powerful.

The natives are restless to get out and end their boredom, but many will choose a path of self isolation, allowing time for thoughtful contemplation and self-isolation. Although the Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini craves new experience, there is a lot of inner work today - which takes time. Having a lot of dreams or meditating? - pay attention to these as symbols of inner work. It may be all too easy to numb out with alcohol or tv or some other addiction, but don't block the inner work. It may not be easy, but go through it, not around it.

We only have another 10 - 12 days when Mercury and Venus remain in their shadow after going retrograde. Things will lighten up a bit after the end of the month, but don't kid yourself. There are enough retrograde planets and time to spend reviewing the past that much of the summer and fall will be spent this way. Resign yourself to it. The painful past can't be dodged forever. And don't beat up on yourself. You have time for awarenesses now that you did not have then. You are human. Just do your best and that will be enough.

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