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Astrology of Sunday, July 19

The moon is drawing close to the Cancer sun, and tomorrow is the Cancer new moon. You might think of it that the Moon is lending its weight to the Sun's concerns - the self, the epicenter of our thoughts and desires. A new cycle of growth begins tomorrow.

The Sun has been pitted against the forces in power - with Jupiter/

Saturn/Pluto arrayed in Capricorn, we have seen fascist behavior among those in power - Saturn/Pluto equaling fascism, and it is big - Jupiter, from the very top down.

We have seen this in Portland, a test of the contest between individuals (Sun in Cancer) to peacefully protest and the actions of police (Pluto) in response to orders from the President (Jupiter). A very controlling move, (Saturn) undercutting individual rights.

Eris is squaring both ends of the seesaw between Sun in Cancer, individual rights, vs. the power of the State (Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn). Eris is the voice of the voiceless, who have not had a seat at the table. They are saying don't forget us, and within a decade, the USA will see previous minorities become majorities.

There is a course of action for individuals to take. Both Sun and Moon in Cancer, as well as Vesta in Cancer, are trine with Neptune in Pisces. These planets have an easy time uniting with Neptune's faith, and Neptune is, in turn, sextile the Capricorn planets that represent institutional power. Neptune, faith and principles, can be the arbiter in the need for balance between the individual and the state. It is a planet that can inspire and motivate. And there are people in places of power that hear that Neptunian call.

As for those whose voice has not been heard previously, the time of reckoning is here. Mercury in Cancer is not far from the North Node in Gemini. It is time to listen to the voices that have previously been unheard. Their collective karma has ripened, as my mentor, Steven Forrest, often said.

As far as the COVID crisis. Individuals can use that Neptunian cloak of invisibility to self isolate. The north node in Gemini uncovers new facts and science which can't currently cure the virus, but has been shown effective in containing it. When science is ignored, the darker face of Neptune - confusion surges to the fore. Mars is in Aries, conjunct Chiron in Aries, so we can wound and confuse ourselves. We get to choose the path we want to go down.

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