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Astrology of Tuesday, July 21

Today the moon is in romantic, spontaneous and playful Leo. Under its light, you may or may not find romance, but you might be happy if you did ... or if romance comes to you! Venus in Gemini is on board with this agenda, desiring to connect, communicate and be sociable. Moon in Leo is good with action, Mars in Aries, and chafes at the new necessity to isolate and distance (Neptune in Pisces, and blockage from Uranus in Taurus).

There is a dissonance between the need for self care and the need to be out, socializing, and doing our jobs (Sun in Cancer opposing Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn). So, questions must be raised: how do you balance the need for self care with the need to achieve? Does the power structure require changes? Every individual must define the answers to these questions according to their own values. Who are you (Chiron in Aries)? Who will you be (Mars and Chiron in Aries)? What would you stand up for and fight if you had to (Mars in Aries)?

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