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Astrology of Monday, July 27

Mercury in Cancer and Venus in Gemini have starring roles this week. Both have been retrograde recently. This week they both emerge out of their "shadow" - the place where both went retrograde a few weeks ago.

Mercury in Cancer is out from under its shadow today. Venus in Gemini moves out from its shadow on Wednesday, July 29. We are still under the influence of s veritable convoy of retrograde planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. And it isn't long until Mars and Uranus join the retrograde parade, but for now, we can begin to move forward and take action in territory defined by Mercury and Venus - communication, relating, rest, fairness.

Tomorrow Venus in Gemini will create some problems for Neptune in Pisces. We'll be tempted to put our spiritual, high minded principles aside so that we can see one another. It is tempting! Venus in Gemini is trine Mars in Aries during the week. Women are from Venus; Men from Mars - need I say more? Add to that the Moon being in Venus-ruled Libra, emphasizing relationships. Tomorrow, the Moon will move to the sign of desire and passion, so things could get rather intense!

But Friday, Mercury in Cancer is trining Neptune in Pisces an a more lai back approach prevails as people are more in harmony with a need to isolate. They are also emboldened to speak what is on their mind, especially to powerful institutions. Calling these authorities out on their failures is a natural outcome.

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