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Astrology of Tuesday, July 28

Wowza! The energy flows today between Mercury in Cancer (newly out of its shadow), Moon in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Al of the sensitive signs of water element are present. Messages and communication from the heart. Messages that are intuitive and bring a new dimension of understanding that is not solely based on rational thought. Speak, but listen, too. Write if you are so inclined.

All of the methods of communication and perception are enhanced by deep symbolism and connection to spirit. There is a passion here that runs deep - we understand!

There is an obvious connection here withBlack Lives Matter. Time to be heard. Time to build on YOUR principles, not society's.

To add to that ease of flow, there is a kite pattern that draws in Jupiter in Capricorn at its tip. Jupiter in Capricorn is ready to build on principles generated by cosmic intuition. Understanding runs very deep here, as does a passion about our sense of truth.

The Sun in Leo, our personal identity, is challenged by new circumstances in the world,- who are we now that everything has changed! Old wounds must be healed before we can begin to build anew. Jupiter in Capricorn can provide opportunity for that, too.

Say what you believe and stand on your principles to make it happen.

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