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Astrology of Wednesday, July 29

Today is the day that Venus is finally out from under her "shadow," the place where her retrograde journey began at 21 degrees Gemini on May 13. Yes, that long ago. Haircuts and treatments, cosmetics, new clothes, old lovers tend to not look so good once the retrograde and its shadow have passed.

f someone came into your life during the retrograde, he or she may not pass the smell test once the period is over. Your tastes have changed. More fundamentally, you have moved on, and may no longer be attracted to the same things. A great pair of shoes bought on the retrograde may pinch your feet or not be the look you were aiming for.

It is a great time to move forward and not be stuck in past relationships - or past looks, for that matter.

Mars has started a long sojourn in Aries. Look for August 11 to 25 to be a time when you are asking for more - more attention, more presence in the halls of power. If you want what you deserve, it may take a risk to get you there. That is a job for Mars.

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