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Astrology of Thursday, July 30

The security loving, sensitive, moon has moved into the sign Sagittarius today, and it lies opposite Venus in Gemini. These two are not totally on the same page, although they share some common denominators. The pairing is likely to spawn a conflict between the need for socializing and curiosity and the desire to stay safe. It can also signal a conflict between new facts (Gemini is curious about everything) and the need to stay entrenched in a certain philosophy - one that has been part of the inner landscape since childhood. New facts sometimes require a change in one's philosophy. The moon may be reluctant to do that.

There is a shared common denominator - philosophies (Sagittarius) without facts (Gemini) can be fairly empty - more like beliefs than philosophies. And both Venus, Gemini and Sagittarius share a certain explorative nature. If you can explore the world safely (the moon needs her security!), or socialize without risk, you are good - you can satisfy the principled nature of Moon in optimistic Sagittarius AND the Venus in sociable, chatty Gemini. Go for it. Just keep everyone happy!

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