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Astrology of Tuesday, August 4

The Moon is in Aquarius today, just past the full moon. This puts the moon in a thinking it over phase, in harmony with the retrograde parade of planets who tend to look over their shoulder, not ahead.

The Moon is in Aquarius in the United States Sibley Chart, too. The Moon in the chart of a country shows the will of the people. Humanitarian, revolutionaries - key words for Aquarius and for the Founding Fathers. Did they get it right? Well, they made a beginning. Today's trine between the North Node and Venus in Gemini suggests a karmic note in that we are not done becoming what the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights began.

The Moon is supporting where we want to go (North Node of the Moon in Gemini conjunct Venus in Gemini trine Moon in Aquarius) , and the relationships we want to form to get us there. At the same time, we cannot forget where we have been and what we have learned (Moon in Aquarius sextile the South Node of the Moon in /Sagittarius). In not forgetting where we have been, we can improve on the past and allow the useful lessons from our past not to limit us, but to give us a springboard for moving toward our future.

We are seeing that karmic signature as the wounds of the past - slavery being a major one - come up for review now. Some deep work is called for here. A lot of people are angry and are speaking truth to power. Mercury in Cancer is saying their truth to power symbolized by Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn. And right at the midpoint of that opposition is Mars, the angry red planet, sitting very near discordant, envious and bitter Eris, blocking the movement from either side - the truth tellers or the powerful.

In your personal chart, where do you want a revolution? Where can you look at your own shadow and uncover the work you need to do to make that change happen?

Anything is possible when the Moon is in Aquarius. Individually and collectively, let’s build on the past and head toward the future.

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