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Astrology of Wednesday, August 5

There is definitely a feeling that today we see fruit of some karma that has ripened. The perceptive Pisces Moon is in harmony with the conjunction of Venus in Gemini and the karmic North Node in Gemini. Not only is the North Node karmic, but it stands inconjunct to the Lord of Karma, Saturn, currently in the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Chickens have come home to roost, forcing an adjustment in the way power institutions do business.

I am in Missouri and the results of last night's election do announce a sea change in how business has been traditionally done here. Uranus in Taurus has begun a trine to Jupiter, opening the door of opportunity to find new rules that are practical and usable in a radically changed time.

Many show a willingness to work with people they have felt at odds with. (Moon in Pisces sextile Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn) Old loyalties die hard. People are seeking partnerships and some kind of security in a world where the rules have suddenly and radically changed.

There is definitely a contingent of people who are absorbed in themselves, who are preoccupied with doing what they want and are willing to run roughshod over others in the name of personal freedom in order to put themselves front and center. They are slaves to their own hubris.

Those concerned with thoughts, feelings and intuitions, recognize both the existing authorities and the need to change the system in order to move ahead.

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