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Astrology of August 7

Buckle up, Buttercup! Now I hate to start a post that way, but that was the first thing that popped into my mind when I looked at current planetary placements and where they are headed.

We have had a number of mysterious fires that were gigantic, Beirut being one of them. The mysterious origin of the fire speaks to Neptune in Pisces; fire itself is signified by Mars in Aries (strife) squaring Jupiter in Capricorn (big! Often related to big government). And yes, corruption was part of the dumb idea to store so much potentially explosive material near an urban population already suffering (Eris in Aries - the unheard).

The Moon is now in Aries. Aries often defines itself by taking a risk - from starting a new business to drawing a line in the sand and saying No one steps over this line. The quick moving moon only stays in a sign about 2-1/2 days. The moon often acts as a timer to activate larger, slower moving planetary configurations.

So Moon in Aries is going to join hands with Chiron, Mars, Lilith and Aries. The last four planets are already in harsh aspect to Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. The will of the people is angry! Aries is the God of War. Eris and her cohort are feeling unheard and wounded. Mercury is opposed to those Capricorn planets, too. Do not be surprised if we see instances of violence break out. The way out of this log jam is through Libra - a sign related to balance and social justice.

Keep your seat belts on and watch the news!

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