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Astrology of Wednesday, August 12

Are things a bit crazy this week? No, you aren't going nuts - there is a lot of explosive energy this week coming from an encounter of Mars and Eris in Aries with Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn. Those who have felt unheard are angry and ready to do what it takes to take down powerful institutions that are not serving their interests.

We have seen an intersection of interests- black lives matter, wealth inequity, lack of healthcare, people in isolation with no leadership to stem the pandemic, and food and housing shortages for many who are hurting financially. Isn't this the perfect storm?

Tomorrow, Mars in Aries - the God of War, in legend, squares up to Pluto, mythically the God of the Underworld. That is not a pretty picture. We've already had Beirut's explosion, a Baltimore neighborhood blown up, the threat of heat, wildfires and hurricanes. A lot of planets are in fire signs, so heat and explosions on the world scene are to be expected. Another event is happening on August 10. Uranus is stationing to go retrograde on August 15 at 10 degrees Taurus.

Uranus will be joining a veritable parade of retrograde planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - and two asteroids as well, Chiron and Pallas Athene. It is time to take. these explosive, society-changing planets within. Examine where you stand - what do you believe in? What do you want for society? And then LIVE THE CHANGE.

Also happening today, as it has been for a few days, an inconjunct between the Sun in Leo and Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn as well as an inconjunct between Sun in Leo and Neptune in Pisces. Inconjuncts mean major adjustments are taking place. Are your personal needs (Leo) being met? Are we at the end of a cycle (Pisces?). The way out is through liberty, freedom loving Aquarius. Aquarius allows that every man is a king and endorses the individuality of every person. How can you get behind that Aquarian energy in your own life? What you do matters!

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