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Astrology of Sunday, August 16

A yod, or an aspect implying great adjustments taking place, is still in the sky - it has been for almost a week. But today, it heats up a little more by having the Moon in Cancer directly opposite some of the planets involved in the yod, Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn. The moon is acting as a trigger to the yod as it moves over the Mercury of the US Chart (signifying journalists, a need to communicate).

So don't expect people (Moon in Cancer) to be quiet about what is happening to institutions of power, such as USPS, perhaps? And do not expect journalists to be quiet about it either.

Further, the moon, signifying the will of the people is adjusting the faith they have in US institutions. They may be looking for another way to get their vote counted and vote safely in this election.

Sun/Mercury is in Leo, trining Mars, so anger is in the air. It doesn't take much more for people to slide into action and give voice to their concerns. The Sun feels an adjustment is necessary or powerful institutions are simply blocking them. Hence, more anger.

Flipping that on its head, because the sky describes all responses, not just one partisan side. The Sun can stand for the leader of our country. (Sun/Mercury in Leo) He can be trying to adjust or change a powerful institution such as voting or the Post Office. (Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn) Leo is a personal sign. He may be looking to further his self interest. And Pluto is certainly a power planet, so he can be adjusting the levers of power.

And the Sun/Mercury is in adjustment mode with Neptune in Pisces - adjusting one's faith or outright trickery and deception.

Uranus in Taurus is trine the planets in Capricorn, so technology - tweets, social media?- may be a vehicle for making statements. There is anger (Mars in Aries) expressed by leadership, outraged that their will is being questioned.

Lastly, the Moon in Cancer longs for safety and security, so that can be a motive, too, for any faction: self-preservation of self and whatever image one has of the Motherland.

A lot going on, but they way out of this mess, whatever side you profess to be on, lies in Aquarian territory - respecting the dignity and rights of every person.

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