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Astrology of Monday, August 17

The yod aspect I have described for the better part of a week has broken up, but one aspect of it remain. There are adjustments between personal demands and those imposed, sometimes ruthlessly, by conservative forces that want to keep things as they are. (Sun/Mercury in Leo is opposite Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn). The Sun/Mercury in Leo flows to Mars in Aries, another fiery sign, so the tendency is to act and speak up when faced with harsh circumstances.

At the same time, Venus is opposed to Saturn, which often represents a choice between duty and pleasure. The Moon is in Leo, squaring Uranus in Taurus. Emotions are unsettled, restless. There is, again, a tendency to speak out in protest.

Whether you have engaged with a foul mouthed troll on the internet, had an appliance fail unexpectedly or some other unforeseen calamity, it may be keeping you from doing what you want. Also, reaching deeper, where has the status quo become insufficient to express all of you, and what do you need to transform so that you can express your own power without opposition?

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