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Astrology of Tuesday, August 18

The moon has moved into Leo. The Moon will conjunct the Sun later this evening, creating a new Moon, beginning a 14 day waxing cycle of the Moon. The Moon's growth cycle stands in stark contrast to the backward looking reflective energy of 6 out of 10 planets. Maybe it is time to begin to look backward and learn the lessons of history.

The yod formation is back, with adjustments needed to institutions of power. Of course, there is a range of ways to look at this. If the Sun is the King -or President in our country - he may be looking to address power in a totally different fashion than those of a Democratic bent.

The adjustment aspects are particularly impactful during a convention. Adjustments are needed. Many of us feel we have been failed racially, sexually, and financially. In point of fact, a way of resolution for the yod is through the sign of Aquarius - a more humanitarian point of view.

When I think of Leo, I see the Sun King card in the tarot...a golden, happy child, a noble and generous ruler. Why not be like the Golden Child - seeing it all through unjaded eyes, being creative and generous...and new? Let's learn from the past and prepare for a future that is fairer, more equitable and more livable.

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