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Astrology of Wednesday, August 19

It is a bad day for diets and overindulging in drink, too. Venus in Cancer is opposed to Jupiter in Capricorn, so it may be a day when caution is thrown to the wind. On the plus side, you will enjoy overindulgence, whether it is drink, food, sweets, or a luxury item for the home. On the negative side, it can blow the diet or the budget. This influence will remain for most of the month, but with a little discipline, you can bring this opposition into balance.

In September, Venus will oppose Pluto, then Saturn in Capricorn, so you might quickly regret your actions, reverse course and return to a more disciplined approach.

Currently, the moon is on a growth cycle, so the temptation to throw caution to the wind is going to be around this month. If you are at home a lot, the temptation will be strong to indulge in comfort foods and beautiful things for your home. Chocolate cake and a new piece of art, anyone?

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