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Astrology of Saturday, August 22

The Sun is leaving Leo for Virgo territory today. So daily work, service, the acquisition of new skills, health care and teaching are going to be the theme of the next 30 days. The Moon is in sociable, fair and equitable Libra today.

The emphasis is on serving the needs of another. (Sun/Mercury in Virgo). Fairness and social justice, as well as an appreciation of beauty are squarely in Libra's wheelhouse. (Moon in Libra).

If individual needs are treated unfairly, ignored perhaps, expect assertion or aggression in return. The emphasis on social justice makes the fight or flight pattern apparent - don't tread on me!- or I will call you out about it! It's a good day to make a stand - fairly of course. New ideas, responses to changed circumstances are favored now.

There is a grand cross - a four-way intersection, if you will - in the sky today involving Venus in Cancer opposing Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn and Moon in Libra opposing Mars in Aries. The old, traditional institutions are showing stress in a new environment. People can see clearly the challenges that must be faced as they answer the question "Who am I now?"

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