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Astrology of Monday, August 31

A lot of aspects in the sky today! The Mystic Rectangle, a relatively rare aspect, is in the sky. It encompasses two oppositions, two trines and two sextiles. It raws a lot of energy into this overall helpful aspect - 60% of planets are involved in it. And there is also a grand trine!

Overall, the feelings of harmony and compatible elements, mostly earth and water, bring a feeling of well being. It maybe hard to get moving quickly, because it feels pretty good to be left as you are.

Running counter to this general note of well being, the Moon in revolutionary, individualistic Aquarius is at the midway point between the energies of Jupiter and Neptune. This shakes up the lethargy as Mercury in Virgo perceives and speaks facts that are likely to upset the apple cart. Mercury in Virgo remains in opposition to Neptune - fact checking reveals untruths. Deception and propaganda are always possible with this type of aspect.

Venus in Cancer is opposed to the powers of Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, forming a grand cross with Juno in Libra opposing Mars/Eris in Aries. Mars/Eris in Aries is also squaring Venus in Cancer and the Power Trifecta, Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. New power dynamics in relationships! Women are not content to be voiceless and brainless Barbies. Another step in their journey. Running counter to it is likely to evoke Mars anger as women take a stand. Take a knee, girls!

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