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Astrology of Tuesday, September 1

Welcome to September! The Moon is in Pisces, not quite full - we have to wait til the wee hours of September 2 for that - but it in a watery, feeling sign. You may feel emotional and somewhat spiritual. A full moon means the Sun and Moon are directly opposite one another. One advantage is a lot can bubble into awareness when the moon is full. This.isn't a time for cool logic. The Moon, or your heart, is clearly on display. What you think and what you feel, particularly about conditions, issues or projects that began on the new Moon of August 19, is clearly felt under the full moon.

Moon in Pisces is dreamy and other worldly. It might be hard to pull yourself out of the covers and get going in the a.m. Meditation, dream symbolism, yoga and photography are good tools to use during a Pisces time. Especially because the Moon will shortly join Neptune and oppose Mercury, don't believe everything you see and about half what you hear. Neptune is a planet of illusion/delusion, so it is hard to suss out the truth just now. The Sun is in Virgo, a sign of great discrimination, so that helps.

You may feel like it is hard to buckle down to reality, but it is a time when you may have to have The Talk with a significant other or take on another heavy job involving a relationship.

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