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Astrology of Saturday, September 5

A heady group of energies today! Moon in Aries passed its' conjunction to Chiron, always a pattern we carry in need of healing, to team up with a more volatile combination. Moon in Aries is very close to Eris (a dwarf planet that feels unheard and is discontented), Lilith (an independent woman who thinks for herself), and Mars (war, accidents, sudden surgery) - all in Aries. This Moon/Eris/Lilith/Mars is in a friction laded aspect with the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn, Venus in Cancer and the asteroid Juno (hearth and Home). This is a grand cross and as such marks great frustration. In rare cases, there may be an accident or surgery.

Frustration is the keynote. A feeling that nothing is working as it should. Perhaps what needs to happen, happens. But it takes a certain big picture lens to take this broader point of view. And it doesn't mean you won't have feelings that are totally natural and should be respected.

The Mystic Rectangle is still in place in the sky, and so is the Grand Trine. These configurations provide some relief. So I think circumstances will turn out better than expected. Perhaps what needs to happen, happens. But a certain naivete has to find adjustment with the feelings generated by the combination in Aries. Many will find an older, perhaps wiser, attitude by the end of the day.

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