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Astrology for Monday, September 7

Once again, the skies are full of configurations. It's as though what is happening now is underscored by planets moving in the sky. The Mystic Rectangle hung on for a while, but it has been replaced by a Kite formation, the heart of which is a Grand Trine.

The Sun in Virgo trines Moon and Uranus in Taurus trine the conservative power planets of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This is a Grand Trine among earth elements, so whatever emerges from today must stand the test of practicality and usefulness.

The pivot point is the Sun in Virgo - one's daily needs - that may result in the exposure and insight into the need for transformation of powerful institutions to meet the needs of the individual. Reminds me of the needs of those who have no money in the pandemic (Sun in Virgo oppose Neptune in Pisces) and need a truly bold move.

But more than a Grand Trine is in the sky. The Sun in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces which means, for some, confusion and delusion. Neptune sextiles the reactionary power planets in Capricorn and the Moon/Uranus conjunction, too. It is possible that information or propaganda, some outrageous, unexpected allegation, will be "spun" by the old guard. Some will find this outrageous an others will be inspired.

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