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Astrology for Saturday, September 12

If you are an artist, or someone who runs on intuitive and creative fuel, today is a good day for you. If you are seeking clarity on your personal or emotional needs, you may find yourself at the mercy of the opinions of people who surround you - and be willing to adopt another viewpoint entirely tomorrow as your group changes. You want to fit in.

The reason for this is your emotional and personal needs are pretty unclear right now. Sun in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces and Sun sextile Moon in Cancer. Deception and illusion are in the air. The weaker your personal clarity or boundaries are, the more easily you are swamped by your feelings, your sensitivity and your attraction to what appears good or right based on emotional appeal. Example: "Oooh, I want that cool dress" even though it doesn't come in your size or the cut is not flattering. It feels so right!

To further muddle your thinking, Mercury in Libra is square the Moon in Cancer. If you feel really strongly; however, express it. There may be some emotional intensity, but learn from that. A lot of energy goes into repressing feelings. Dreams and visions can teach us something when exposed to reality. Just be ready for a reaction.

We are in an unstable period (really? Just watch the news). The Moon is approaching a "wobble" or "lunar bending" around September 16. Events that are intense often occur BEFORE or just after the "wobble".

Another dimension is the Moon in Cancer is opposing the power trifecta: Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Power and Trust and Achievement are associated with the planets in Capricorn. Mothering, self are and sensitivity are associated with the moon. Are you desiring power over another? To cover up your own vulnerability and fear of change? You are in a state of flux today. There isn't sufficient clarity on your personal or emotional needs to make a final decision with clarity. Wait and watch.

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