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Astrology of Wednesday, September 16

The Moon, arbiter of our feelings, is not yet a "New Moon", the first part of a natural growth cycle, just yet. That will happen tomorrow, but we are in a moon "wobble" or lunar bending. This is an unstable period, with events that are unexpected and often feel "karmic" in nature - either a little before or after the exact wobble.

The Moon and Sun are in the same sign today, meaning your personal needs are married to your feelings. Solar logic has to share space with feelings and intuition. The moon is strong in Virgo. It is a point on a Grand Trine that has formed today. Sun and Moon are in harmony with Neptune and with Pluto, too. It is a powerful time to engage with dream symbols, or unconscious patterns.

The only difficulty is if feelings take over the driver seat completely. (Sun, Moon in Virgo oppose Neptune in Pisces) Then logic flies out the window. A poor response is to buy conspiracy theories that are not at all logical, but "feel right" anyway. A rather passive response is to simply feel low energy and let life wash over you. The highest response would be to find a balance between solar logic, lunar feelings and our highest spiritual principles.

This combination may be a high point for conservatives and those interested in conspiracy theories. They long with nostalgia for the "good old days". In about a week, that picture may be a bit different.

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