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Astrology for Friday, September 18

If you were born in the last third of the signs Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus, you may feel very forceful today. You may tackle a project with enthusiasm, but be a little introspective and reflective. You may feel quite enthusiastic, but make sure it is what the other person wants, too. Without meaning to, you could provoke a nasty persecutor/victim vibe that isn't in anyone's best interest.

The Moon is in Libra, a sign of justice and balance, so female figures may feel it keenly if ignored in any way. Feelings are running high today, and the Moon in Libra being very near Mercury in Libra, the planet of communication, so you may hear a good deal about how someone else feels. Your own feelings are strong today, too. A little introspection helps you navigate a path that satisfies egos and emotions.

Again, we are in the moon wobble, and things are not very stable. The moon is opposite Mars and Eris - angry emotions could lash out. And, as the Sun in Virgo is opposite the planet of illusion/delusion, Neptune in Pisces, so all that glitters will not be real gold. There is a battle of words today, and the spin doctor is spinning. Use Virgo discernment to separate fact from fantasy.

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