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Astrology for Sunday, September 20

The Moon in Scorpio dares to delve into corners not easily seen within the psyche. And the Moon in Scorpio is opposite the volatile Uranus in Taurus, both are square the planet of relationship, Venus, in Leo and the asteroid Vesta in Leo, which represents loyalty to relationships.

These planets all represent a part of us, and asks us to integrate the energy they represent. Can we have safe and secure (Moon) relationships with others to whom we are loyal (Vesta) even in the face of upsetting, unforseen events (Uranus)? Moon in Scorpio, no slouch in the detective department, is on the case, trying to find solutions.

Meanwhile, there is a war of words from many perspectives. The Sun (ego) in Virgo is directly opposite Neptune in Pisces,, a planet of illusion/delusion. Obviously, beware of "spin" that doesn't ring true - it probably isn't! Neptune and Pisces often forces us to "lose" at something we want, to better expose what our soul needs. We are redirected onto another path. Certainly, the loss of our social freedom has exposed many cracks in our collective armor and may be the thing that propels change. The institutions of power are failing us and need to be revised.

Like it or not, we are on the road to a major shift. We an go willingly or not - it only makes a difference in how much we suffer before the final outcome. There is nothing that is strong enough to propel us backward for long.

Along the way, be kind and listen to one another. In the words of an American patriot, we can all hang together or hang separately. Scorpio is a ruthless garbageman of the zodiac - he takes away what we no longer need. Our souls may find this period to be an evolutionary need - what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

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