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Happy Fall Equinox! Astrology for Tuesday, 9/22

In the yearly circle of light, we have reached the 3/4 mark. Night and day are of equal length. We are preparing for winter and still enjoying the harvest of the summer. For much of our history, this has heralded a time of harvest, last outdoor activities and preparation to survive a long, dark, cold winter. Enjoy these days!

Metaphysically, the equal days and nights in the new sign of Libra indicates a balance between logic and intuition. The sign Libra itself celebrates the rule of law, balance, diplomacy and justice. Even as all eyes turn toward the vacant Supreme Court seat, these qualities of Libra should be remembered.

Along with the dichotomy in our country, there are very different relationships between groupings of planets in the sky. The Sun - in mundane charts, the leader - is trine the conservative and powerful planets in Capricorn, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. These planets in turn are in harmony with the upsetting and unexpected circumstances of Uranus in Taurus. In other words, conservative leaders devoted to ensuring their own power are delighted by a vacancy and another potential win for their minority view and their unpopular candidate.

On the other hand, the Moon in Sagittarius, which mundanely refers to the will of the people, is in friction (and the sign Sagittarius to legal disputes) with the planet Neptune, which is a planet of illusion. Lying and propaganda do not sit well with the Moon. Sagittarians are interested in the truth.

And then there are the journalists, people who ask questions, people who are in favor of science and logic. Mercury in Libra (a sign of fairness and justice) is in friction with powers that they feel are becoming fascist and tyrannical (Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn). These planets square the angry and independent Lilith/Eris/Mars in Aries. Mars was the God of War. His sister Eris delights in the groans of the dying on the battlefield. Really, not easy or polite energies. In turn, there is an opposition between the cool thinkers represented by Mercury in Libra and the hotheads who demand action represented by the Mars/Eris/Lilith combination.

Two camps of planets is a volatile combination. Remember, this is not a sports game where winner takes all. We cannot control another's behavior. All we can do is stand up for our beliefs and decide who we are - and that gives others permission to do that, too.

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