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Astrology for Saturday, September 26

With Mars in Aries in retrograde, soon to be joined by Mercury retrograde on October13, this promises to be an eventful 47 day period until both planets go direct.

A lot is happening in the world, but your job is to stay clear and focused and aware of your own alternating states of fear and assertion, fight and flight. What triggers you? After October 13 especially, where do you get tongue tied and find it hard to express your ideas? your anger? Sometimes anger is justified, sometimes you just need to act.

Every time you give yourself permission to let your shine in the world, you are giving those around you permission to dare to let their light shine, too. That is a paraphrase of a Nelson Mandela quote. He is an expert on surviving difficult periods.

Those interested in peace and the rule of law feel there should be an adjustment made in authoritarian power. (Venus in Leo opposite Pluto in Capricorn). Venus is proud in Leo and unhappy, too, about our standing in the world. We have an incredibly high coronavirus rate and not much strategy for addressing the virus except get a vaccine at some point. (How will it be distributed?). Our planes are not allowed to land in foreign countries.

Our human rights record is questionable, too, as the Black Lives Matter protests can tell. These protests are largely peaceful and brave (Venus in Leo trine Mars in Aries). Nevertheless, several states have considered allowing motorists to plow into protestors with their vehicles to protect themselves (Pallas Athene/Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn/Moon in Capricorn quincunx Venus in Leo and square Lilith/Eris/Mars in Aries)

So, if you can't change the world, be who you want to be. Walk your walk, talk your talk. Ignore distractions and corruption and vote what you want to see. Our children and our planet will benefit as well as you.

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