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Astrology for Sunday, September 27

There is a feel good aspect in the sky today, Venus in Leo opposite the Moon in Aquarius. Self indulgence in the form of sweets, extra sleep or a luxury purchase may tempt you.

Both Leo and Aquarius share a common desire for love, so relationships, even if not in your best interest, may be quite attractive. You may feel it is better to have someone, rather than be on your own. A lovely trine (harmony) exists between Mars in Aries and Venus in Leo. The sexes have an opportunity for harmony. Both of you may share a desire to do something rather than laze around and have brunch, because the love planets are in fire, an action oriented element.

You may also feel it is quite important to have freedom and the liberty to do things in your own fashion. This may cause some friction if it differs from the expectations of a significant other.

Otherwise, the t-square and other aspects of yesterday are in effect. They are not so copacetic as the above. The way to resolve conflicts is through nurturing and compassion. Anger is real, but expressing your feelings in anger is perhaps not the best solution. Stay calm and take action to let off any steam you feel.

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