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Astrology for Thursday, October 1

Happy Full Moon in Libra! The Sun is in Libra opposing a crowded field of planets in Aries, including the Moon in Libra. How does being in relationship (Libra) affect your feelings about who you are (Aries). Are you able to to be who you are and hold onto your identity and still have your relationship? That is a dance sometimes. All relationships require compromise. Not enough compromise and things are all about one person. Too much compromise and you can lose your sense of who you are, feeling emotionally wounded. The Moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron, depicting the emotional wound that can occur when an imbalance exists. Not far from theMoon are Lilith, Eris and Mars. Not feeling heard can make an independent person angry. Will you erupt in anger or assert your rights. A good time for finding balance between needs of the self and others.

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