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Astrology for Monday, October 5

Just to get you ready...Mercury will go retrograde on October 13, next week, and will stay that way until November 3, Election Day. Yes, Election Day. A Mercury retrograde period is noted for difficulty in communication, electrical devices, lost keys, hearing aids, missed appointments. Misunderstandings often happen. If you can avoid signing a long term contract during that period or buying a big luxury item because after the retrograde period, you may feel it isn't all that great, after all.

Since we have already been warned that the election's validity may be questioned and delays may happen, I'd say it is a certainty. Take a chair, distance in line, and wear a mask. Be prepared.

Same goes for contracts and major purchases, but if you must go forward, read the fine print. Make sure you understand the details.

There is a lot of tension between the personal needs (Sun in Libra) and the traditional authorities (Jupiter in Capricorn - the king). There is a lot of frustrated anger toward authority (Mars in Aries, retrograde, in conflict with Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn). Emotionally, there is tension because Moon in Taurus, a very stable and family-oriented sign - is not able to touch or otherwise enjoy those they are in relationship with (Venus in Virgo and Mars in Leo)>

The president has entered a period where his health and finances are being tested (Uranus in Taurus). He'll have quite a bit of difficulty in both areas this month. His chart is loaded with karmic action kicking in, and difficult aspects abound - none of which involve more transparency. I think he's about to sow what he has reaped.

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