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Astrology for Thursday, October 8

A sense of outrage seems to be building. Mars and Eris in Aries are pure energy with a vengeful spirit. These planets are in conflict with the powers that be represented by Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn which is, in turn in conflict with the personal needs of so many - Sun in Libra. The will of the people is represented by Moon in Cancer, a nurturing and compassionate sign, that admires facts and science - Mercury in Scorpio. New and unexpected developments - Uranus in Taurus -have forced many into finding ways to relate with other - Venus in Virgo. Not every need is satisfied - Sun in Libra - setting off that chain of really angry feelings toward those who should have had their best interests at heart. Once the will of the people is focused on achieving their goals, nothing - nothing can stand in their way. Libra is the current month's sign, and it demands social justice, even if it requires transforming, dismantling and rebuilding the current power structure.

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