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Astrology for Monday, October 12

Do others make you irritable? Confrontation is quite likely under this transit. (Sun in Libra opposite Mars/Eris in Aries). The more aware of how what your ego wants, the clearer you can be with others. Some things may lose their irritation factors completely once you recognize what is really behind them.

It can be easy to lash out rather than examine yourself. It isn't easy to be clear about self examination either, with the Sun in Libra opposing Neptune in Pisces today. Neptune tends to fuzz things up. There is some emotional adjustments to make, too. So all in all, it may be a rather confusing day.

So, get busy with activities that help someone else (Sun in Libra opposite Neptune in Pisces). The Sun in Libra and Moon in Leo are sextile today, so it may be really tempting to have an attention-getting meltdown. If you do, don't get down on yourself lest your trapped anger leads you into an accident. That energy has to go somewhere!

There may be surprising insights revealed by journalists as mercury in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus.

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