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Astrology of Friday, October 16

Lunar phases are changing today. The second Super New Moon of 2020 will happen today in the early afternoon. It will be obscured by the sun, so you can feel it, but not see it. When there is a New Moon around the closest point to Earth, it is known as a Super New Moon.

A new moon announces the beginning of a new cycle. For the next 14 days, growth and expansion is favored. But Mercury is retrograde, favoring self-insights. Mars is retrograde, too. So, you might benefit from calm plans to do some interior growth, not start things out in the world as much as you would at other times. The new moon is happening in Libra, which celebrates partnerships and allies. You might think and act on how you can benefit yourself through benefitting others. Fairness and justice are Libran ideals.

It seems significant that the Moon, a harbinger of our own intuition, is very near the earth at this new moon, while Mercury, a planet of logic, is retrograde. Logic is stilled and gone within, but the sensitive and intuitive Moon feels her way through the life of men and women. Kind of karmic, huh? Perhaps, against all logic, there is some karmic work in the world.

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